Semi Permanent Lip Tinting Training Free with BB Glow Training.

KISSUM lip tint is the hyaluronic serum with the make-up effect. This product is intended to be used during the frictional mesotherapy in order to moisturize, rejuvenate and bring more youth and color to the lips.

With this treatment, your clients will not need to use the lipstick on a daily basis. KISSUM lip tint is considered the new era in the world of permanent makeup. In fact, this is one of BB Glow serums adjusted to be used with the lips. In addition to the moisturizing effect and elimination of fine lines, KISSUM lip tint provides a strong lipstick application effect.

After Training Support

Our teaching does not end once the training is over. We provide unlimited support to all our students.
We encorauge our students to call us or send us pictures anytime for questions they have with the products or issues with their clients with BB Glow.


To take this course, all the individuals need to be atleast 18 years old.
This course is taught according to the Florida standards. Participants from other states, please make sure you check the rules and regulations for performing Microneedling in your state.

BB Glow Online Training Policies

As soon as the student pays for the class, we send the kit via usps priority mail. We also send the link to the training videos.

Prerequisite Policy
Most of the states require only estheticians to perform BB Glow / Microneedling treatment. Please make sure you have the license in hand before you take this course.
Online Training Scheduling Policy
  • A flat $699 fee is collected for Training respectively when you make the appointment online or over the phone.
  • The scheduling fee is non refundable.
Non Refundable Policy
All the services provided by the Z Beauty Academy & Spa are non refundable. This includes the training and the kit provided during the training.

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